June 6, 2016

About Us

Our Foundation was founded in 2014 as “Energy Efficient Futures Foundation (E2F2) as a Virginia-based 501(c)3 non-profit promoting citizen privacy and energy policies while assisting local governments and other networks to experiment with shared blockchain systems that can serve as an efficient tool to promote accessibility for homeowners into industry and government programs.

In 2018, and we opened our first office in Prince George’s County, Maryland and we changed our name to “Blockchain Frontiers Foundation (BFF).” We continue to focus on researching legislation and energy credit market developments and we promote community and market-based projects while facilitating stakeholders with creating data standards open to all and protecting citizen sovereignty.

We operate through a board of directors and volunteer working groups combining industry and sometimes government. Active board members are heavily involved in the creation and adoption of new standards and recruiting working group leaders. Through collaboration of working groups with industry members, we can facilitate the implementation of new credits types. Working group leaders usually serve an advisory role and can be promoted to Board Members at annual meetings. Members help develop the relationships and industry participation necessary to implement credit standards.

Working Groups

Community & Housing

  • Income-Eligible Housing & Weatherization Assistance Programs
  • Community-owned Assets (ie Solar, Battery, etc)
  • Discount Solar Group Cooperatives

Blockchain & Data Standards

To investigate the home-related data, E2F2 relies on the creation of working groups designed to compute how sustainability data affects a homeowner’s propensity to earn credits. These groups will seek to define how different metrics amalgamate to mint credits, thus rewarding positive social action. In tandem with working groups for individual credit types, a technically-focused developers and blockchain groups designated to create and augment the associated ledgers using de-anonymized program data. Through these working groups, we will accurately measure and connect the various positive externalities created by living a sustainable lifestyles and participating in groups of inter-connected programs and industry verticals.

  • Heartbeat Coalition
    • Heathcare Insurance
    • Healthcare IoT
  • Real Estate & Smart Property
    • Commercial Property
    • Fractional Assets
  • Energy (formally “E2F2”)
    • Building Data Standards
    • Home Performance Extensible Mark-Up Language (HPXML)
    • Energy Efficiency & Renewable Credit Standards
      • Carbon and other environmental attributes