June 6, 2016


The BFF (formally E2F2) model creates increased engagement and causes increased sustainability awareness. By pairing the distributed ledgers with a database for rating homes, incentivizing contractors, and simplifying the homeowner interface to encourage interaction, we can bypass the utility companies and release statistics regarding home performance that will reform the industry and connect tangential industries like insurance and healthcare.

CaptureNeed for Industry Change

In the current market centered around SRECs, a certain lack of regulation and clarity has created a highly unpredictable and unattractive industry landscape.

In such a landscape where certain companies hold a data monopoly, groups in the industry cannot effectively communicate or ensure overall honesty.


Role of BFF (formally E2F2)

By partnering with BFF, companies in the industry can contribute to an open-source repository of homeowner credits, performance, and social activities. Thus, BFF will not only benefit residents but has the potential to completely transform the utility-scale and energy market.

We believe that because Community Data Management solves the problem of inconsistent, sporadic, incoherent, unavailable information regarding solar energy and energy efficiency projects that have been collected over the years by varying sources from private contractors, local government agencies, and non-profits into a uniform, robust system that allows data tracking of funding, credits, and electron distribution.

Through such open source communication, we will radically advance progress and set transparency as the new standard.