June 6, 2016


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Monetary Donations

We are a 501(c)3 Non Profit and all donations to BFF (formally E2F2) are tax deductible. A donations portal is coming soon as we build out our capabilities, until then, please email info@e2f2.us to discuss your donation. In 2019, we hope to be able to to take credit cards and organize donation pools for community owned projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility – (Fund a Credit Market; be a Pioneer)

If your corporation or enterprise is wondering how to monetize value from a tangential market that has been previously in-accessible to you, we want to hear from you! We are seeking Corporations who are interested in pioneering the credit market revolution. Some examples of this (not in our area, yet) could be Coca Cola funding a credit for water filters installed and certified within homes. Or, it could be a hospital or healthcare network seeking to test a pilot of public health reducing measures inside of homes or based on social choices tracked and verified by participants. Or, it could be a Fortune 100 company wondering how to encourage energy efficient living for their workers spread across 50 states and hundreds of energy utility rebate programs. Or, it could be a government or corporate sponsor seeking to clean-up trash in dirty corners of a community through social media and verifiable data. And infinitely more – please contact us at info@e2f2.us.

Blockchain Consultants & Algorithm Developers

Contact us to join a research or standards working group. We have numerous social programs that are actively working with homeowner and project data. Provided that privacy standards can be maintained, we may allow you to utilize de-anonymized program data to enhance your blockchain connectivity, algorithms, and test-net systems.

Not Donations

Investments in Community-Owned Assets are NOT Donations…

If you buy into a share of a community solar project – that money is NOT a donation, it is an investment. You will need to properly register yourself in an auxiliary web portal setup for the community project at hand. The role of BFF (formally E2F2) with Community-owned assets is simply as an organizer and promoter within the community to enhance participation and to source land, rooftops, and building owners who have facilities, budgets, and ownership models that may be compatible with this new type of community-based funding source.